Opéra in situ

Opéra in situ is a street art opera company created in Paris, France in 2015.

The company Opéra in situ aspires to bring opera closer to unaccustomed viewers in unusual public venues. Its goal is to allow people to discover opera, a well-known art form unattainable to many, by organising an operatic cultural event with free admission. This rare event offers extraordinary potential for discovery and inspiration to a whole new public.

Moreover, the company Opéra in situ offers a creative platform for the young generation of artists within the opera and street art worlds to get involved in renewing a future operatic landscape.

Creations in public space have been developing around the world since the end of the 20th century. They have met with great success, especially among those who do not frequently attend traditional cultural institutions. Maintaining a close link with people from all walks of life, each “in situ” creation takes the human, urban and architectural context into consideration, and makes it the starting point of its approach.

Opéra in situ prides itself in exploring new grounds in opera production. Offering more than just open air performances, our company aims to adapt the methodology and philosophy of “in situ”creation to the world of opera and new music theatre…

Members: Pascal Le Brun-Cordier – Alexander Oliver – Hugues Schmitt – David Wilson-Johnson – Richard Egarr – Maribeth Diggle – Nadine Secunde – Camille Fukas – Eric Monot – Fanny Duwez –